Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lang Creek Brewery - At Last!

A couple of years ago I started a tour of Montana's breweries. I visited many but could never find the Lang Creek Brewing Company located in Marion, Montana. Marion is about 30 miles west of Kalispell. Every time I drove through there I would wander off the road looking through the Lang Creek Brewery.

As it turns out, the Lang Creek Brewery is, oh, lets say, 15 miles WEST of Marion. The only way I "found" it is that they have sign by the road. You pull off the highway and then go two miles south on a rutted road and the left on a (more) dirt road to see:

This is the tap room. It may be the smallest tap room of any brewery in Montana - there are only three stools and two tables.

I can't tell you how the beer was because I was in a car that wasn't mine and couldn't taste.

But I'll be back.