Thursday, June 30, 2011

Every Ray Harryhausen stop-motion monster ever, in one video

Want It!

ECWOX, a Korean company who’s in the business of Gadgets and other electronics goodies announced that it has now a new line-up of “Elegant” of Spy watches made to be as discreet as possible and still be capable to shoot 720p video at will. Waterproof and available for both men and women these watches are expected on the Korean market shortly and later worldwide via some of ECWOX’s distributor.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Elements of Happiness

How can a life be visualized? Can a happy life be captured in numbers and diagrams?

The Harvard Study of Adult Development is the longest prospective study of mental and physical well-being ever conducted. For 72 years, researchers at Harvard have been following 824 individuals through war, career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparenthood, and old age. In this book, I've taken 10 representative case studies and visualized their salient character traits, personal timeline, social supports, and physical health to draw conclusions about "the happy life."

Among The Costs Of War: $20B In Air Conditioning

The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion.

That's more than NASA's budget. It's more than BP has paid so far for damage during the Gulf oil spill. It's what the G-8 has pledged to help foster new democracies in Egypt and Tunisia.

"When you consider the cost to deliver the fuel to some of the most isolated places in the world — escorting, command and control, medevac support — when you throw all that infrastructure in, we're talking over $20 billion," Steven Anderson tells weekends on All Things Considered guest host Rachel Martin. Anderson is a retired brigadier general who served as Gen. David Patreaus' chief logistician in Iraq.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to advertise your country


If It’s Important, You’ll Find A Way. If It Isn’t, You’ll Find An Excuse

When seagulls steal cameras

Hello, my name is . . .

A Walk Along The Missouri

Sufficiently large X

The Mysterious Imagery of The Dollar Bill

Dollar bills: we look at them every day, yet how many of us truly pay attention to anything besides the denomination value? The fact is, numerous symbols adorn our currency and there has been intense debate over the decades of their meaning. Conspiracy theorists believe the imagery is rooted in Freemansonry and tied to the Illuminati (if you’ve read The Da Vinci Code or seen the movie, you know who they are). Others contend the imagery is strictly American and represents the foundations of our nation. In this infographic, we explain each symbol from both perspectives.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Joke

An Arizona Department of Safety Officer pulled over a pick-up truck owner for a faulty taillight. When the officer approached the driver, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his driver's license, insurance card and a concealed weapon carry permit.

The officer took all the documents, looked them over and said. "Mr. Smith, I see you have a CCP. Do you have any weapons with you?"

The driver replied, " Yes sir, I have a 357 handgun in a hip holster, a .45 in the glove box and a .22 derringer in my boot."

The officer looked at the driver and asked, "Anything else?"

"Yes sir, I have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge and an AR-15 behind the seat."

The officer asked if the man was driving to or from a shooting range and the man said he wasn't, so the officer bent over and looked into the driver's face and said "Mr. Smith, you're carrying quite a few guns.

May I ask what you are afraid of?"

Mr. Smith locked eyes with the officer and calmly answered, "Not a fucking thing!"

The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not

Four years ago, Timothy Brown underwent an innovative procedure. Since then, test after test has found absolutely no trace of the virus in his body. The bigger miracle, though, is how his case has experts again believing they just might find a cure for AIDS.

Diabolical alarm clock shreds your hard-earned money

A Joke about Sarah Palin

  • A Democrat and a Palin supporter went for a walk in a meadow. As they walked, the Democrat saw a dead crow lying on the ground.

    The scholar said, “Look, it’s a dead crow!”

    The Palin supporter looked skyward and asked, “Where?”

Global Peace Visualization (video)

A Joke

Yesterday I waded across a raging river,

escaped from a bear in the woods,

marched up and down a mountain,

stood in a patch of poison ivy,

crawled out of quicksand,

and climbed up an enormous tree! ...

My friend said, " You must be some outdoors man!"

"No," I replied, "I'm just a lousy golfer."


By summer 2010, the expansion of bike lanes in NYC exposed a clash of long-standing bad habits — such as pedestrians jaywalking, cyclists running red lights, and motorists plowing through crosswalks.

By focusing on one intersection as a case study, my video aims to show our interconnection and shared role in improving the safety and usability of our streets.

"40 Beads" System Makes It Easier For Couples To Not Verbalize Their Sexual Desires

Carolyn Evans' book Forty Beads; The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage proposes that married couples save (or merely improve) their relationships by using a token system. According to Evans' method, the man is given 40 beads which he distributes, one bead at a time, to his wife. Each bead means he's in the mood, and the wife has 24 hours to respond with sex. One couple interviewed on Today this morning actually said that they love the 40 beads game because, "It's an easy way without having to communicate." The process will improve couples' lives because, as Evans naively points, out, "There's nothing to fight about when everybody is happy with their sexual situation."

I guess this is one way to save money on a divorce.

According to the Daily Mail Online, an immigration officer who worked for the UK Border Agency managed to get his wife out of his hair for three years by putting her name on the no-fly list while she was visiting the in-laws overseas.

Old Travel Pictures

Wish I Had Had This When I Was Dating Rose

Sarah "Wadsworth" Palin recites "Paul Revere's Ride"

Trap a Mouse with a Jar and a Coin. Then Chase it with a Motorcycle

Put a dab of peanutbutter in the bottom of a jar or drinking glass.
Turn the jar upside down and prop it up on a nickel.
A penny isn't big enough and the mouse will knock the glass over before getting under it.
A nickel is the right coin to use.
Do this somewhere mice can get to.

In the morning if you're lucky you'll find something like this.
A mouse crawled under the edge of the glass to get to the peanut butter.
Then it knocked the glass off the coin while jumping at the peanut butter.

You've caught a mouse!

NOW read the comments

Facts about Minnesota

Minnesota became the 32nd state on May 11, 1858 and was originally settled by a lost tribe of Norwegians seeking refuge from the searing heat of Wisconsin 's winters.

Minnesota gets it's name from the Sioux Indian word "mah-nee-soo-tah," meaning, "No, really... They eat fish soaked in lye."

The state song of Minnesota is "Someday the Vikings will... Aw, never mind."

The Mall of America in Bloomington , Minnesota covers 9.5 million square feet and has enough space to hold 185,000 idiot teenagers yapping away on cell phones.

Madison, Minnesota is known as "the lutefisk capital of the world." Avoid this city at all costs.

"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was set in Minneapolis , Minnesota , and was Mary's first real acting job since leaving the "Dick van Dyke Show. The show about a single woman's struggle to find happiness in the big city was originally titled "Life Without Dick," but that was changed for some reason.

Downtown Minneapolis has an enclosed skyway system covering 52 blocks, allowing people to live, work, eat, and sleep without ever going outside. The only downside to this is that a Norwegian occasionally turns up missing.

Cartoonist Charles M. Shultz was born in Minneapolis , Minnesota and grew up in St. Paul. He was the only artist to accurately depict the perfectly circular heads of Minnesota natives.

The Hormel Company of Austin , Minnesota produces 6 million cans of Spam a year, even though no one actually eats it. Spam is a prized food in Japan & Hawaii--Spam sushi!!

Minnesota license plates are blue & white and contain the phrase "Blizzards on the 4th of July - you get used to it."

Frank C. Mars, founder of the Mars Candy Co. was born in Newport, Minnesota . His 3 Musketeers candy bar originally contained three bars in one wrapper, each filled with a different flavor of nougat -chocolate, Spam and lutefisk.

Tonka trucks continue to be manufactured in Minnetonka, Minnesota, despite the thousands of GI Joe dolls killed by them annually in rollover accidents. No airbags, no seat belts. These things are deathtraps, I tell ya!

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder was raised at Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and was famous for writing the "Little House" series of books, as well as inventing the "Spam diet" which consists of looking at a plate of Spam until you lose your appetite. Much like the "lutefisk diet"

The snowmobile was invented in Roseau , Minnesota so as to allow families a means of attending 4th of July picnics

Minnesotans are almost indistinguishable from Wisconsinites. The only way to tell them apart is to ask if they voted for Mondale in '84.

Groom Caught in Skid Row

The Bravest Woman in Seattle

For herself, for the woman she loved, and for justice, the survivor of the South Park attacks tells a courtroom what happened that night.

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Someone Else's Poem

When it's cold a foot away from the stove
and the door is rimmed with ice, it's best
to stay inside and read the Chinese poets
and drink another glass or two of wine.

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Breaking News

Breaking News

Congressman Anthony Weiner just announced he will run for President and has selected Attorney General Eric Holder as his Vice-Presidential running mate.
Ticket for 2012: Weiner-Holder

A Joke

Three old ladies were sitting side by side in their retirement home in Phoenix reminiscing. The first lady recalled shopping at the green grocers and demonstrated with her hands, the length and thickness of a cucumber she could buy for a penny.

The second old lady nodded, adding that onions used to be much bigger and cheaper also, and demonstrated the size of two big onions she could buy for a penny a piece..

The third old lady remarked, 'I can't hear a word you're saying, but I remember the guy you're talking about.

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