Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thanks, Meg, for replying to the message I really didn't send to everyone and reminding me of these quotes from "Half-Baked."

Brian: Get some sour cream and onion chips with some dip, man, some beef jerky, some peanut butter. Get some Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, a whole lot, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate, man. Some popcorn, red popcorn, graham crackers, graham crackers with marshmallows, the little marshmallows and little chocolate bars and we can make s'mores, man. Also, celery, grape jelly, Cap'n Crunch with the little Crunch berries, pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man, everything on 'em, with water, whole lotta water, and Funyons. 
Kenny: That's it? 
Thurgood Jenkins: Yeah, get me a box of condoms, and, what was that thing we used to eat back in the day? What was it... oh yeah, pussy. 

Thurgood Jenkins: You have smoked yourself retarded.

Brian: Lady, seven bucks for a used Kenny Loggins record? I'll give you five. 
Record Store Customer: Ugh-huh, he autographed it himself. 
Brian: All right, I'll give you four.
(I saw recently that Kenny Loggins has sold the music rights for the song "Footloose" for a credit card company to change the lyrics. I'll give you two dollars.)

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