Monday, June 07, 2010

World Abortion Laws and Policies

This map shows world status of abortion laws and policies. Abortion law is legislation which pertains to the provision of abortion. Although it is commonly practised throughout most of the world and has been practised since long before the beginning of recorded history, it has been a controversial subject in societies because of the moral and ethical issues that surround it. This map and tab

Abortion is legally permitted:

  • To save the life of the woman in 191 countries (98 per cent of the countries) in the world
  • To preserve the physical health of the woman in 132 countries (67 per cent of countries)
  • To preserve mental health in 128 countries (65 per cent)
  • In case of rape or incest in 96 countries (49 per cent)
  • Foetal impairment in 90 countries (46 per cent)
  • Economic or social reasons in 68 countries (34 per cent)
  • and On request in 56 countries (28 per cent)

Note: Grounds on which abortion is permitted on request varies greatly among regions. For gestational limits and other conditions please refer below DataTable.