Monday, June 01, 2009

Glendive's Newest Museum

Each type of plant and animal was specifically created “after its kind” by God; none came from chance or natural processes, nor did any develop from some other plant or animal.

The first humans, Adam and Eve, were specially created by God; all others are their descendants. In Adam, mankind was given dominion over all other creatures and the earth itself. "marriage is ordained by God and is only between one man and one woman."

The creation of all things occurred in six natural days and was originally “very good.”

The entrance of sin into the world, through Adam, brought God’s curse on all creation, culminating in death and separation from God. No suffering or death existed prior to this.

The Biblical record of the beginning of the world is authentic history. This includes the recent creation of all things, the fall, the curse, the global flood, and the dispersion of nations at Babel. Evidences in the earth’s crust and in human legends are to be interpreted in light of this true history.