Monday, June 29, 2009

10 new words and phrases

10 new words and phrases from Cramer-Krasselt's 'Cultural Dictionary'

* Pinkwashers (n.): Certain companies that specifically use support for breast cancer research to promote products or services.

* Carborexic (n.): A person who is obsessed with minimizing his or her use of carbon.

* Freedomlawn (n.): Residential land permitted or designed to contain a variety of plants other than manicured grass, especially when containing plant life that occurs without cultivation, chemicals or cutting.

* Precycling (v.): Purchasing products based on how recyclable they are.

* Geo-fencing (v.): Setting a physical boundary, via a GPS system or mobile phone, to where someone can roam. If the boundary is exceeded, the roamer gets a warning.

* Disemvowel (v.): To remove the vowels from a piece of text as a form of censure in order to render the piece more difficult to read; generally done by the moderator of an online community.

* Micro-boredom (n.): What we used to call downtime is now increasingly filled by fiddling with mobiles or BlackBerrys. Those who market these devices, or the services they use, see it as an opportunity to sell us something.

* Baby goggles (n.): A phenomenon where the parents of an ugly baby think their baby is adorable and no one else does.

* Kitchenheimer's (n.): When you're in the kitchen going around in circles because you can't remember what you were doing there.

Source: Cramer-Krasselt's "Cultural Dictionary"